Covid 19 Report Indonesia

Covid 19 Report Indonesia – Important Information

Important Information Regarding Covid 19 Report Indonesia – Corona virus or Covid-19 has brings severe problems in many countries. Until now, governments and everyone are still fighting against the virus while looking for the solution to fully control and even eradicate the virus. However, there are still no clear solutions, and mostly it is about how to prevent and reduce the risks of infection. Among those countries, Indonesia becomes one of the countries with big cases of the infected persons.

Important Information Regarding Covid 19 Report Indonesia

Related to this, it is important to know some latest reports from regarding the case of Covid-19 in Indonesia. These are some important points to know about the reports.

Reports of the infections

So far, Indonesia has 45,029 positive cases of corona virus infection. In the South East Asia, this becomes the highest case. Recently, dated in 20 June 2020, there are 1,226 new cases in this country.  With these rates of infection, the mortal cases reach 2, 429 people, while there are 17,883 infected people being cured and recovered from the viruses. The rest are still in the process of the treatment.


In term of policy, there is similarity of how the other countries handle the cases. They do the preventive action by holding physical and social distancing. This is also based on the recommendation of the WHO. Then, right now some provinces are preparing the policies and regulations to face the New Normal. The provinces appointed to run the New Normal are the ones that show significant decreases of the positive cases.

Recently, there are also huge demands of medicines called dexamethasone. However, most of the people misinterpret this as the cure of the corona virus. In fact, this is combination of some medicines and its function is to build better prevention of the virus infection. In other words, this is not the vaccine or cure for the infection. Indonesian government through the team of covid-19 management task force also has made the official release to prevent further misinterpretation.

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