Football News from Major Leagues

Football News from Major Leagues in Europe

Football News from Major Leagues

English Premier League

Football News from Major Leagues – After being postponed for some months due to Corona virus problems, most major leagues continue the matches this month. One of them is the English Premier League. The match started few days ago, with a big match of Arsenal and Manchester City. In the end of the game, The Gunners should take disappointment since they had to lose the game, and even they could not score any goal. This becomes bad start from Arsenal. However, this is not the end. On the next match, Arsenal met Brighton, and Gunners still had to accept that they were less powerful. The game ended with the score of 2-1.

Italian League (Serie A)

Football News from Major Leagues – Then, Italian League also has something interesting. In this week, Juventus had a match against Napoli. This was not regular match since it is final match of Coppa Italia. Juventus had great importance since they also failed on the previous competition. The match run well with each team could fight and show the strength to bring the trophy home. However, it was a draw until the end of the game. That was why penalty kicks became the way to determine the champion.

Unfortunately, Juventus had to accept the fact that the team lost against Napoli. Even, Cristiano Ronaldo could not get the chance. Ronaldo was plotted to get the last kick in expectation that he could have the goal to secure the trophy. However, Dybala and Danilo failed to get a score. This does not only lead to disappointment of the team and its management, but it may also make the manager of Juventus to leave the club. So far, many predictions lead to the decision.

Spanish League (La Liga)

Football News from Major Leagues – In the Spanish League, there will be interesting match of Real Madrid versus Real Sociedad. For some people, Real Madrid may get better position. Moreover, team led by Zenedine Zidane get two win-streaks to welcome the next match. Meanwhile, Nacho Monreal and his friends could not show good performance that made them lose the position as the big four. However, Real Sociedad do not lose confidence since they are the one who defeated Real Madrid in Copa del Rey held in Bernabeu. This surely will become interesting match.

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