Important Information about the Corona Virus

Important Information about the Corona Virus

Important Information about the Corona Virus – Corona virus or Covid-19 has become the global pandemic. The case increased a lot in the beginning of this year, and it still becomes disasters until now. The impacts are great since most countries face the same pandemic. Even, some countries have big cases where thousands of people have become the infected persons. Some countries also show records of high mortal rates due to the problems brought by the virus. That is why it creates severe problems, and many aspects of life have got the impacts. Even, now people can be easily paranoid when some people show fevers, flu, or coughs.

Important Information about the Corona Virus

In this case, there are some important facts regarding the virus. These can be good information for everyone, so they can have better knowledge about the issues, and it is possible to make better responses due to the condition.

1. Spread through body liquid

Some people need to be aware about how the virus can spread among people. One of the common ways is by contact. It is actually not about the body contact, but it is more about the droplets and body liquid of the infected persons. The droplets can easily spread, and that is why physical and social distancing is encouraged in many countries as the most effective way of prevention.

2. No medicine

Some countries may claim that they can have the cures or medicines to fight against the virus. However, based on the information from WHO, there is still no clear medicines and vaccines to fully recover the ones infected by the viruses. Mostly, the infected people will get some supplements and medicines to enhance the immune system, so it can fight or protect the body from the virus.

So far, this still becomes serious issues and threats in many countries. Some countries have showed decrease of cases, but it does not mean that the case is fully solved. Even, there are fears of second wave since some people are being ignorant. That is why it is very important to keep the distance among persons. Wearing face mask and keeping the sanitation of the body are also encouraged.

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